vendredi 15 juin 2012

The travel

On Friday we left the family, then we crossed Tower Bridge which was raised to let the boat pass.

We visited the saint Catherine dock, we walked round the moored boats, then all along the Thames to St Paul’s cathedral then over the millennium foot bridge to visit the Tate museum of modern art. Before that we had stopped at a food market where we had lunch and we could taste different foodstuffs. We lost the group, then we enjoyed the ice cream that was proposed by Mme Ball, then we saw dancing before going to The London Eye cabins.

We had free time then we went up in the London Eye. We saw Big Ben from the top and all of London too. After the ride we ate at MacDonald’s. We waited for the Antony coach in the sun and we started our return journey at 7:30 via Dover where the Dunkerque ferry was waiting for us at 10 o’clock.
Florian, Clément, Kadir and co (4e4)

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