mardi 24 juin 2014

Hello Miss Harte!

Il y a 1 mois nous avions nterviewé Miss Harte, une professeur en Irlande, qui était venue regarder comment nous travaillons dans un collège français.
Miss Harte and Miss Dieux

L'uniforme porté à Mercy College (collège et lycée de filles) - Sligo - Irlande.

Voici son Interview:

Rebecca, Emilie : Where are you from ?
Miss Harte : I come from Sligo. It's a town in Ireland. In the North West of Ireland.
Rebecca, Emilie : What's your name ?
Miss Harte: My name is Imelda Harte.
Rebecca, Emilie : Why did you come to France ?
Miss Harte: I came here because last year, your teacher Madame Dieux came to my school. It is a program between schools in Ireland and France.
Rebecca, Emilie : What's the difference between French schools and Irish Schools ?
Miss Harte: There are big differents. First in Ireland 50% of the schools are not mixed : only all girls or all boys schools. Secondly, we wear uniforms. Every school has a different uniform.
Third difference, We start scholl at 9 o'clock and we finish at 4 every day. Monday to Friday. So, we don't go to school on saturdays. They are the main differents, the most important ones.
Rebecca, Emilie: What do you like in french schools ?
Miss harte : Well, it is a good opportunity for me to learn about the school, to hear some French, to speak some French. What I like a lot about France, it's the weather. Since I came, there has been no rain. Unfrtunately, in Ireland or in England, it rains very often, but here there's such a beautiful sunshine.
Rebecca, Emilie : What can you say in French ?
Miss Harte : I teach French in Ireland.
Well, I would like to say, it is great for me to have the opportunity to come to your school because it is not easy to do this if you are working in another country, if you come as a tourist to the country, it's totally different, because you don't see the real life of the school, of the people. If you're a tourist here, you're just on holiday with your friends, so it's nice to go into the actual life of the people and talk to real French people.
Have you understood this?
Rebecca, Emilie : Yes, we have.
Miss Harte : I really enjoyed my time here and I hope you will all come to Ireland some day. You can come to visit my school if you like.
Rebecca, Emilie : No problem ! Thank you !
Miss Harte : You're very welcome.

Des photos de l'exposition "Celtic Art" de la calsse de Madame Dieux

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